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Sea Glass jewelry and accessories - elegant, wearable art

If you have ever held a piece of sea glass or pottery, you would know there is no substitute for how it feels in the palm of your hand and how it takes shape as a result of its travels in and out of the high seas. With tide chart in hand, and just after a big storm, I look for days when I can begin my search at the morning low tide, when the sun is low and I can walk the beaches in solitude.


Unique piece of hair art or an eye-catching brooch

To achieve the interesting designs needed for hair accessories and brooches, I look for specific sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. I visualize a series of puzzles and try to imagine how these pieces will naturally fit together to form a unique piece of hair art or an eye-catching broach. The glass and pottery have stories of their own. Whether cast overboard in a shipwreck or by tourists on the seas, these lovely and vanishing gems are about to start a new life….

Boston Globe Travel: Light of days lures artists to Cape Ann: @CapeAnn Art @CapeAnnArtisans

on Sat, 06/14/2014 - 14:49

Here's a wonderful Article in the Boston Globe  just in time to talk about the wonders of our Cape Ann Artisans Studio Tour coming up next weekend!  Hope to see everyone there!

Cape Ann Designs & seARTS in the art news!

on Thu, 05/01/2014 - 14:36

It's been truly amazing to see the interest in the "Celebrate Wearable Art II" runway show that we/seARTS and the Wearable Arts group held last September.    Speaking as an artist, it's very satisfying to share locally made art in new ways that engages such a wide range of creative minds.   The editors of Art New England took a unique point of view on Wearable Art outside the Urban Center - played out in two parts, the first of which showcasing work from my collection as well as a dress made of pasta.  Yes, seaglass and pasta both indigenous to Gloucester!   Cape Ann Magazine tied our show to