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Sea Glass jewelry and accessories - elegant, wearable art

If you have ever held a piece of sea glass or pottery, you would know there is no substitute for how it feels in the palm of your hand and how it takes shape as a result of its travels in and out of the high seas. With tide chart in hand, and just after a big storm, I look for days when I can begin my search at the morning low tide, when the sun is low and I can walk the beaches in solitude.


Unique piece of hair art or an eye-catching brooch

To achieve the interesting designs needed for hair accessories and brooches, I look for specific sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. I visualize a series of puzzles and try to imagine how these pieces will naturally fit together to form a unique piece of hair art or an eye-catching broach. The glass and pottery have stories of their own. Whether cast overboard in a shipwreck or by tourists on the seas, these lovely and vanishing gems are about to start a new life….

Intuit Small Biz Buzz Contest for Cape Ann Designs: Help me Win $5K

on Wed, 02/26/2014 - 20:10

I was such a huge fan of the SuperBowl contest that Intuit sponsored for small businesses and loved the winner, GoldieBlox!   But now, right here at home, a chance to win Marketing $$ from the same company.  I have been a QuickBooks user for all three businesses that I run, so I feel good about entering.  I also think my sea glass hair accessory designs will look stand out.  Help me win by voting here!  You can vote every day.....

This weekend's Hair Fest - some fun facts 4-u!

on Wed, 02/19/2014 - 18:17

I hope you will join me this weekend to try on some beautiful and practical hair accessories.  I have changed the time to start at 11AM to be sure that my stylist can be here - Lucy from Salon 127.    Lucky for me, Oprah has collected some wonderful hair facts - women spend over $22B on haircuts and $30B on hair color and a big portion of the $7B spent overall on shampoo.   That's 3x the annual budget of NASA.  And even better, the survey that was conducted for the December article says that 54% of us were angrier at our hair than our partner in the last month!

Something new. A Hair Festival on Feb 23rd!

on Wed, 02/05/2014 - 21:12

I recently gave a marketing workshop to fellow Artisans and spoke a lot about knowing your audience.  Truly people with long hair (or medium long hair) are a niche group.   As short hair comes & goes, long hair has maintained a big fan base.  BUT hair accessories have not kept up.   When I started Cape Ann Designs, I wanted to create Hair JEWELRY.   For all the money we spend on our hair (ladies....) shouldn't we wear beautiful things to show it off?